Insult Aimed At Bollywood Actresses

Bollywood actor Lisa Haydon became a household name in India after her performance in the 2013 film Queen. Haydon played a fierce, independent, single mother in France in the Hindi film, which won accolades for its refreshingly feminist plot. But the actress, who is half Indian and half Australian, has recently said that she does…

via All the feminist reasons Indian celebrities have cited for not being feminists — Quartz

This article is an insult to this group of women. The tone of it would be expected, if it came from a chauvinist, or a provoker. But I presume that it does not. On the other hand, what’s apparent is the article is insulting and immature. How so? Well, the article points out Bollywood actresses have various opinions about feminism, and that those opinions are reflected by a poll. The poll reveals that Indian women employed as actresses in Bollywood obviously have varying views on the subject. That’s healthy right? It’s healthy to be critical about big ideologies that impact your life and self-respect, right? Well not according to this article. According to this article these women are simply mentally deficient. That’s just mean.

And let’s just get to the point. These women are smart. The women attacked by this article, who suffer a jab from the “Quartz Staff”, are literate and intelligent. They are hard-working and deserving of a certain amount of respect. However, the article offers them none. It lacks class. And it’s toxic. These women know how to use a dictionary. And they are likely more nuanced on, and worthy of speaking on, the subject than most. Does the “Quartz Staff” give them any credit where credit is due? You can read the article and come to your own conclusion. I can save you the time. It does not.


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